For hundreds of years, An Enchanted World Parallel to earth has existed, filled with hope and magic, ruled by a royal line of witches, who harnessed the magical power. Danforth, an evil man hungry for power sought to destroy them and steal their magic, but before he could succeed, the last royal Princess Sarah, escaped. When the two worlds aligned once again on the night of her daughter’s birth princess Ruby, Sarah was captured and taken back to the enchanted world. Sarah knew to prepare Ruby’s father, Ted warning him of the evil forces that might come from her parallel world seeking to steal both her power and their new princess Ruby Strangelove. Years later, Ruby discovers that she possesses the magic her mom left her.Now determined, Ruby plots a scheme to save her mother from the evil Danforth and bring her back home. Ruby united with her friends help, together they join forces. Ruby uses her magical power to help free her mom escape from Danforth’s Evil Scheme.