Seanna Pereira

At the age of two, Seanna Pereira knew she had a passion for performing on stage. Raised in Florida, Seannas’ first performance was in pre-school recital and show. Her family knew a star was born. Little did they know how early her passion for acting and singing would begin? Just a few years later, Seanna would wow audience at major events performing live on the stage of major Charity Events to now well-known as star in a feature films. Seanna has starring and lead role in first theatrical release, coming to theaters soon, An Enchanted Ruby, as well as being a guest star, in the award-winning Fox series 24 Legacy, along with a starring lead role, playing twins, in the feature film Everglades.

The actress and singer prodigy is quickly making a name for herself as an aspiring actress with buzz-worthy roles on several feature films currently in development with major studios. Her acting has garnered attention nationally in major markets including California, Atlanta, and Florida. Seanna inspired audiences to vote during the election season touring the east coast performing live National Anthem. Her voice leaped cross-country from Los Angeles to New York City.  Also, Seanna is a very talented gymnast and martial artist with additional skills extending to song writing and piano player. Seanna recorded 10 songs in “An Enchanted Ruby” coming to theaters near you in 2017.

Seanna is committed to entertaining her audience with her passion for acting and singing. Currently, Seanna is in the process of starting her own charity to help kids globally. She seeks to remind her audience to smile.